Commercial Services
Whether it is a new commercial building or just remodeling rest assured that Rudy has the skill to deliver customer satisfaction with his workmanship and experience in the field. Rudy has been providing services to Commercial Buildings, Office Spaces, Retail Stores, Home Owners Associations, Shopping Center, Universities, School, Warehouses, Hospitals, Federal and State Buildings and Apartments for many years. Rudy's work involves:

  • Providing a full range of services: from detail and quality to volume and productivity.
  • Meeting the demands of every job according to you requirements and budget using a variety of painting methods.
  • Providing financial worth of your money spent.
  • Assessing your painting needs and organizing project objectives.

Exterial Services

Exterior Services
By painting exterior walls, trims and other surfaces of your home, you will increase the aesthetic value of your residence. As a result, it will help with the valuation of your assets, and can help with resale in case you are planning to sell your house soon--not to mention that it will enhance the curb appeal of your house as well. Rudy will ensure that your outdoor landscaping, vehicles, and signage are secured from any damage. The project area will be as contained as possible, and that includes taking special care to keep the area tidy and free of unneeded materials and equipment. Our work will not interrupt foot traffic. You can count on thorough cleanup as well. Exterior services include:

  • Pressure wash
  • Scraping
  • Surface preparation
  • Deck finishing
  • Priming
  • Refinishing

Interior Services

Interior Services
Rudy's main business focus is his clients' complete satisfaction. Because he believes that it leads to more good business ahead, reputation is key for Rudy. Whether it is an entire house interior or just a room, Rudy's approach to those projects is the same: work integrity and excellence. Rest assured that Rudy will meticulously protect and cover your furniture, woodwork, expensive items and all surfaces that will not be painted. Rudy understands that you want your home back as soon as he is done for the day, so he will make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned so you can resume your everyday activities without noticing Rudy was even there. Interior services include:

  • Stripping and sanding
  • Refinishing
  • Patching
  • Plaster repair
  • Drywall
  • Window and doorframes
  • Ceilings
  • Painting related repair and replacement service